osasuna astoreOsasuna have signed a new kit deal with the sports brand Astore for the next four seasons.

The President of Osasuna, Pachi Izco, and the Astore Co-Manager,  Esteban Uribesalgo, have signed the agreement at the Reyno de Navarra. The deal between the two parties will run for four years. As for the characteristics of the new kits, they offered little details.

In the presentation ceremony, Pachi Izco explained why Osasuna will wear Astore: "It has been our supplier for many years, until two years ago because of market circumstances changes, but we have always maintained a close relationship with Astore. It is a leading firm, works with the best techniques, and gives us a lot of confidence. We are thrilled to be back with them. "



Stephen Uribesalgo is also satisfied with this return: "We are pleased to return to this club. Today is a happy day for us. The relationship has been good and the work done, too. We have always felt supported and we remain committed to the people of Navarra. Osasuna and Astore also share the fact of being two small businesses capable of competing with larger companies. "

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  1. Guest

at least he has had a go muppet

  1. Paul - curswine

This is a fantasy kit gallery.<br /><br />Also, now I have a severe disliking for Hull fans who I didn&#039;t really have an opinion to start off with, now I do though.

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Infinate has a ring to it, sounds better than Umbro to be honest.<br /><br />and angry dude, check out my kit design for the Tigers, you are going to love it:yes: :lol: Nice retro design:wink:

  1. Joe Barbieri

Curswine, my opinion of them came when I realised that they actually like Phil Brown, anyone who can tolerate him is an idiot. Also for their &#039;mauled by the tigers chant&#039; followed by clawing actions... Bellends

  1. Paul - curswine

Ho ho ho, I actually forgot about that.<br /><br />That&#039;s pricelessly camp.

  1. Guest THE G

This one too! It&#039;s a nice design, but has the strange shadow pattern - it looks like a squiggle on the main body of the shirt and there is also greyer bits on the black sleeves. Can you see them?

  1. Paul - curswine

I think I know what is meant now, that is supposed to be a cartoonistic shadowing added on to give a more illustrative look obviously hasn&#039;t worked as well on this design though.<br /><br />Thanks for raising it, I will look out in future when and when not to use it.

  1. Daniel Young

Hull fans aren&#039;t so bad. I got stuck on a coach with a load of them on the way to the play off final at Wembley last year. They were quite fun.<br /><br />The kit is nice by the way. More inventiveness in shirts can only be a good thing.

  1. fsc

osasuna signing a new sponsorship deal with an unknown manufacturer. if you support them, dont expect a quality kit design for net season

  1. fsc

third half spirit 8) is this made for hools or what?

  1. fsc

Astore is the official supplier of Sporting de Gijon, from Asturias (not Basque Country, Navarra nor Catalonia). Anyway, it's a brand from Basque Country, whit good designs and quality (much better than, for example, Joma), but it's traditionally used by basque separatist (as Kappa by chavs in the UK), and it's quite stigmatized in Spain, unfortunately


There's one I forgot, Edu, but yeah, Astore mainly supply kits for northern Spanish sides. I really like their designs and the quality is definitely there in the material.

  1. Jon W


  1. Guest

what is going on here?<br /><br />first time i see a kit from curswine and its nice

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