Breaking news - Phillips will soon announce that it will stop as the main shirt sponsor of PSV (Phillips sport vereniging) after 26 years of football shirt sponsoring.

According to Stan Valckx, Philips will soon no longer be on the shirts of PSV.

Former technical director of PSV Stan Valckx said in an interview with the Dutch radio program - NOS Langs de Lijn -  that Philips no longer has affinity with top-level football.

Valckx, who is also a former football player at PSV, also said that, “the company will soon announce to the world that they will actually stop as the main shirt sponsor for the club, but that this does not immediately mean that Phillips will no longer sponsor PSV at all”.

According to Valckx, Phillips will stay within the name of the Club and Philips stadium will stay the name of the PSV stadium for a significant amount, but as a shirt sponsor Philips will disappear.


That would mean that PSV will play football with another shirt sponsor in the near future while PSV and Philips extended their contract by five years in 2006, until the summer of 2011.

PSV was founded on 31 August 1913, at the end of a big Philips sports party marking the 100th anniversary of Dutch independence.

Because of their close ties with Philips, PSV have had the same football shirt sponsor without exception since 1982, the year shirt sponsorships were introduced in the Holland. This is a record in Dutch football.


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  1. Jay

WHAT? So is it gonna be SV then? But that\'s Hamburg isn\'t it? Oh dear. Wouldn\'t stump up the cash, eh? Interesting.

  1. fsc

get some outside money that\'s what should have done earlier

  1. nicholas dane

No it said they will continue to be PSV, however the shirt sponcer will probably be something like BWIN(REAL, AC MILAN ETC- now off to Holland perhaps?) or some top level sponcer like that after all they do play in Champions League every<br />year.<br />In some way it is sad because the Phillips logo always looked so right compared to other Sponcers-look at Liverpools for example, and the BWin logo on AC Milan.

  1. fsc

Sony, are you awake?

  1. fsc

wow! sad to see an end of a tradition but it would be refreshing to see what/who the next sponsor is.

  1. fsc

I hate Bwin as a sponsor it looks horrible, ac milan was better with opel or meriva....but liverpool will <br />always be tied to Carlsberg

  1. Baz


  1. fsc

Ongelooflijk, PSV verliest haar historie, want zo kun je het wel stellen. Kan me voorstellen dat iedereen bij PSV zegt dat het niet zo is, maar de keiharde waarheid is nu gewoon dat de Philips Sport Vereniging haar identiteit verliest en sja wat voor naam ga je dan aan je clubje geven. Bij nieuwe naam, alle historie (voor zover zij die hebben) weg......helaas pindakaas. Misschien idee om PSV te laten staan voor Pindakaas Sport Vereniging met Calve als shirtsponsor?? :woohoo:

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

this is brilliant. Having trouble with the adidas logo not being on the shirt, but other than that, fantastic

  1. Torgeir Helgen

nah..<br />think you could solve the sponsor without cutting the stripe. great ideas, but a bit boring

  1. Ricardo Ferreira

Nice use of the rhombus&#039;.<br />I&#039;m using it also for an Bayern Kit.

  1. Moreno Kundert

I like it. I&#039;m doing something with rhombus as well!<br />It looks a bit like the USA &#039;94 Spain shirt

  1. Joe Barbieri

Whatever happened to calling it a diamond?

  1. Ricardo Ferreira

In Germany they called it rhombus.

  1. fsc

haha this is bullshit philps will sign a new contract like 10 million cash in a year now its 7 mil.

  1. fsc

When will this name be wiped from their shirts?

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