Rangers FC announced Castore, the fastest growing premium British sportswear brand, as its official kit and retail partner from the 2020-21 football season.

The multi-year partnership stands as one of the most valuable commercial partnerships in the club’s recent history and represents a major milestone in our ambition to achieve excellence, at every level of the club, in anticipation of our 150th anniversary year.

View the: The Rangers Rumoured 2020-21 Kits by Castore

Castore have deliberately selected Rangers, the world’s most successful football club, as their flagship club, as they enter the football market, which will see them partner with 3-5 other major clubs across Europe in the next 18 months.

Castore is backed by a consortium of high-profile private investors worth a combined £5 billion. They include one of the UK’s wealthiest families who have invested to facilitate Castore’s entry into the global football market, where the brand believes there is an opportunity to disrupt the established players at the highest levels of the sport.

The company operates a digital, direct-to-consumer business model that has allowed it to grow extremely rapidly since launch and avoid the much-publicised challenges of many traditional bricks and mortar brands and now sells into 64 countries globally.

Steven Gerrard, Rangers manager, said: “This is a significant moment for our football club. The Beahon brothers, like myself, are proud of our Liverpudlian roots.

“These guys understand the level of expectation on the clubs in our cities, that goes beyond simply winning football matches. This is a way of life. It is about setting the standard in every single facet of our club. It is about bringing everyone wearing that badge together. Castore get it.’’

Tom Beahon, Castore Co-Founder, commented: “In our search for our first elite club, nobody came close to matching Rangers.

“Our business has grown rapidly since we started and we now have a group of very strong investors backing us, with very high expectations. Partnering with Rangers is a seminal milestone for us on our journey of building Castore into the brand we want it to be and we have absolutely no intention of stopping in our pursuit of our goals.’’

Phil Beahon, Castore Co-Founder, commented: “We have built this business ourselves, from the ground up, brick by brick. It has taken sacrifice, pain, and an immense amount of hard work to get us here.

“Rangers supporters are in every corner of the United Kingdom and beyond. We are excited about seeing our brand, in royal blue, spread across the globe.”

John Bennett, Rangers interim Vice-Chairman, remarked: “Kit and merchandise has been one of the great challenges faced by Rangers and its loyal supporters in recent years, and this wonderful new partnership with Castore offers us a new beginning. This is a clean slate. A fresh start. A new era.

“To be able to offer the products of our outstanding new partner at our Ibrox home is very significant. We can’t wait to see our supporters once again going through the megastore doors.’’

Stewart Robertson, Managing Director, concluded: “Rangers are thrilled to be entering into this terrific new partnership. Our club’s aim is to set the standard in everything we do – Castore share that vision.

“The fantastic work of James Bisgrove and the commercial team have made this possible, and they will continue to work closely with Castore to ensure this partnership becomes a benchmark within British sport.”


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  1. Cherry picker

What a load of guff.

  1. Anthony

Is that fat Newcastle prick going to allow the shirts to be sold ??

  1. Pious the 25th

Doesn't matter. Their shirts could be made to measure personally by Giorgio fuckin Armani out of hand-spun silk and they'd still be as only any use as wet wipes in a incontinents' ward. A well dressed turd is still a turd.

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