Adidas has announced it is to close the offices at the Reebok Stadium - ending a 116-year association with the town. Reebok, who are also Bolton’s main shirt sponsors, will continue with their deals but doubts about renewals when they expire in 2016 will be raised if they move away from the town.

Adidas Group spokesman Jon Deakon said that redundancies would be inevitable as part of the move.

He said: "We are unable to comment on the number of redundancies at this moment as the consultation process has only just begun. But we do not take this move from Bolton lightly and the European MD came to the office in person to break the news to the employees.

"Depending on the structure ultimately determined, we hope to assist as many employees as possible in obtaining new positions within the Adidas Group.

"These actions will help to not only make Reebok a more flexible, efficient organisation near term but also ensure there is a strong foundation upon which it can grow."

"It’s a proposal at this stage but it’s our intention to relocate the offices based at the Reebok Stadium to adidas offices in Stockport, with some workers being offered a transfer to the global group HQ in Canton, near Boston, Massachusetts."

"The plan is currently in the consultation process and we will be holding one-to-one interviews with all staff. This has not been an easy decision but we are handling it in the best way we can."

A spokesman for Bolton Wanderers’ stadium, said:

"We have a long-term lease agreement with reebok which runs over several years and it’s up to them to come to us and negotiate with us regarding their plans."

Reebok was founded in 1895, in Bolton, by Joseph William Foster under a company called JW Foster and Sons Limited.

The family-owned business made the running shoes worn in the 1924 Olympics by the athletes Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, who were celebrated in the film Chariots of Fire.

In 1984 a group of US investors bought the company which was subsequently taken over by Adidas.


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  1. fsc

It really is grim up north. What a nightmare!

  1. fsc

Adidas have noticed how much of a scummy little town Bolton is, no surprises.<br /><br />Moving staff to a scummier town in Stockport on the other hand, what are they thinking? At least keep a few jobs in Lancs.

  1. fsc

Curswine you ignorant Lancs loving t*at, take your twelve fingers and shove them up your a**e you inbred turd.

  1. fsc

curswine you utter cretin, What are you, a soft southern bastard? I bet you are, you thick cockney prat. Absolute bell end.

  1. Jay

This is really gorgeous. The old badge looks great.

  1. Danny

Love it

  1. Guest

Quite nice, but they&#039;-) never go for the old badge. I personally hate the current United badge, so this (or better still the one from the mid 70s) would be an improvement

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

its the city coat of arms. both Manchester clubs have worn it, and it was worn only for big occasions such as cup finals, so they could not really wear this for normal matches, but in a cup final, that would be good.

  1. Guest

Oh, I&#039;m aware of what the crest is (worn on shirts in cup finals in 1948, 63 and 68), but I don&#039;t think there&#039;s much chance of it being used by United again as it&#039;-) &quot;Undermine their brand&quot; or somesuch bollocks!<br /><br />Apparently the city is getting a new coat of arms designed by Peter Saville of Joy Division and New Order album cover fame. It&#039;-) be interesting to see that on a shirt...

  1. Guest

Beautiful, pure genius!

  1. Jack Beaunier

so classic and a pure united shirt, defiantly would be a shirt you would see united launch!!!!!!!!!!

  1. fsc

scummy? id like to see where u live u degenerate ****. :lol:

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