The Bundesliga has overtaken the English Premier League in shirt sponsorship income.

The Premier League may consider itself financially the biggest league in football, but figures released today show that German football’s Bundesliga has overtaken the Premier League’s income for  shirt sponsorship.

Manchester United also move off of the top slot, Bayern Munich trump Manchester United in having the single most valuable shirt sponsorship deal.

Hartmut Zastrow of SPORT+MARKT;

Due to the weak British pound, Bayern Munich beat Manchester United to the title of the most valuable jersey deal.

The main reasons why the Bundesliga now generates higher income from jersey sponsorships than the Premier League lies in [clubs] lacking jersey partners and the current weakness of the British currency. The sponsor of West Ham United, XL airlines, went bankrupt, West Bromwich Albion have yet to find a partner and Aston Villa now bears the logo of a charity organisation on its jersey.

The Bundesliga is the winning league in this jersey report after slipping behind the English FA Premier League last season. For the first time revenue from jersey sponsorship in the Bundesliga exceeds the €100million mark. No other league has reached such a consistency of sponsorship deals for all teams.

At the other end of the scale, a dip in revenues in Spain has meant that it has almost been caught by the Dutch Eredivisie. “It is astounding that a small league like the Eredivisie reaches the same level as the Primera División in terms of jersey sponsorship,” Zastrow said.


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  1. fsc

Next time I negotiate a gigantic shirt sponsorship deal for my club I\'ll make sure the contract is for Euros! The Prem actually only held top spot for one season, so it\'s perhaps not a surprise that the Bundesliga is back in first position.<br /><br />It would be interesting to see the full report to see how the French and Italian leagues and clubs compare to those mentioned above.

  1. Roger Foden

Jimbo you should become Chancellor of the Exchequer

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Ta for the heads up, Ill be wiping all the crap shirts with the fat suit template. It will take a while though....<br /><br />on the kit, I like this. very stark, and the belt effect looks great.

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