As from the beginning of the 2009/2010 season, NIKE will take over from long term partners KAPPA as the new Werder Bremen outfitter. The German Champions League participants and the world’s biggest sport goods producer sealed a five year co-operative deal in Frankfurt : “We are really looking forward to beginning our work together on 01.07.2009,” commented Werder general manager Klaus Allofs, having finalised the contract details with the market leader. “NIKE stands for innovative products, great quality and absolute reliability.”

Michaela Stitz, NIKE manager and representative for German speaking nations, was only too happy to repay the compliments: “Werder Bremen have been at the very top of the NIKE wish list for a long time now. The club symbolises inspiring, attacking football, sporting success and true professionalism. With such attributes the clubs slots perfectly into the portfolio of clubs and athletes with which NIKE works together worldwide. We are absolutely delighted about this partnership.”

According to Manfred Müller, head of marketing and management at Werder Bremen, the long partnership between the club and current outfitter KAPPA will come to a mutual and platonic end in the summer: “We had very fair negotiations with KAPPA too, but in the end, NIKE had the more attractive total package. Along with KAPPA we set some real optical standards in the league and can look back happily on nine very successful years together.”

NIKE and Werder Bremen have agreed not to officially release any further details on their cooperation before the coming summer.


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  1. Francesco

Too many Nike clubs.

  1. fsc

Lets hope Nike get rid of the orange that Kappa put into our kits.<br /><br />Wir sind gr?

  1. fsc

\"Lets hope Nike get rid of the orange that Kappa put into our kits.\"<br /><br />I agree. If they are going to use another colour, it should use black, yellow or gold.

  1. fsc

I actually don\'t mind the orange. However, I am afraid that Nike will give Werder another one of their cookie-cutter designs which would NOT be cool. Kappa hasn\'t been the best kit designer in the world, especially for Werder, but I did like the white kits this year.

  1. fsc

Only three Clubs in Bundesliga wear Nike! Four wear Adidas and two are wearing Puma.<br />What is with the rest nine clubs?<br />Saller<br />Do You Football<br />Kappa<br />Jako<br />Under Armour<br />Reebok<br />Lotto<br /><br />That are many brands in Bundesliga^^

  1. lux smithionos

Werder are a good team and deserved a better sponsor than kappa, finally they have seen sense and turned to nike

  1. fsc

i hate nike,i hate all the clubs in nike including the players in nike shoes. American crap,and only fool can belive in it

  1. fsc

<br /><br /> :lol: COOL :cheer:

  1. fsc

Just Berlin, Dortmund & Wolfsburg have Nike.<br /><br />And Wolfsburg will have adidas next season and Dortmund Kappa!<br /><br />So Berlin and Bremen for Nike, i think that is not to much! :-)

  1. Andy

Why does it have a Sweedish flag on it ?<br />x

  1. fsc

well adidas are german so i would think there would be a lot more clubs in the bundesliga with adidas.

  1. fsc

nike shoes

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