According to chairman Jeremy Peace, West Brom Albion shirts are likely to remain sponsor-less until the end of the season.

He said: “We were close in October to a foreign international company.

“But for the credit crunch over a weekend when Lehman Brothers bank went bust, we would have signed that and got the value we wanted.

“We looked at a charity and Villa probably can afford to do that but we, commercially, want to get the best value out of our shirt.

“At the moment it is going to be a struggle this season because of the environment we are in. People are not spending money.

” They were close to landing van maker LDV as their new sponsors on the eve of the season but talks broke down, leaving them without a corporate logo on their shirts.

Peace insists a small amount of the income lost on sponsorship deals has been negated by extra sales of shirts, which have become popular collectors’ items for supporters.

He maintains that he is unwilling to set a precedent for under-valuing the value of the Baggies’ shirts by striking a cut-price deal.

He said: “You could take the view ‘let’s get anyone on the shirt’ but we didn’t want to do that. A TV game in the Premier League is worth a lot, so I would rather get the right one that will enjoy the international exposure.

“We don’t want to be seen to be giving it away.”

“We had T-Mobile on board for four years they were an international brand and a very good partner, and we still have them as an associate partner.

“We wanted to get someone in at that sort of level, given that we are a Premier League club with 670 million viewers.”


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  1. fsc

So they\'d rather get no money at all then sign a deal with a lesser known sponsor? Who are they trying to kid?

  1. fsc

so theyre saying that having a sponsor on there shirt is worth alot when theyre in the premier league..thats why they dont want to give away the spot to any small sponsor????????? what sense does that make? they wont even be in the premier league next season

  1. fsc

You\'d think that if they\'re going to make this announcement, the least they could do is donate the spot to a charity, or even a couple different charity, and then they don\'t have to sell anything but blank shirts to the fans, but the charities get the exposure. If nothing else it would earn them some good will/karma and a decent ammount of PR.

  1. fsc

Personally i think this should be applauded and i wish more clubs would be brave enough to not have a sponsor on their shirts. West Brom fans now have a classic shirt to be proud of.

  1. fsc

It is my hope that the success of the sponsor-less shirts would inspire other teams to at least make shirts available that do not have sponsors. I don\'t expect teams to do away with sponsorship altogether, but I think there is a scenario in which it is in the clubs best interests to have the sponsors whilst on the pitch and on television, but let the supporters buy shirts - maybe even pay more - for shirts without sponsors.

  1. fsc

i am a west brom fan, a very proud one. although barcelona now have a charity on there shirt, for how many years did they not? and nobody had a complaint, they had clean simple stylish shirts, im not saying were like barca, far from it but, i love the shirt, its clean simple and albion. and, although sales dont equal sponsorship money, the club have sold more shirts this year then ever before, they are a collectors item and one that i wear with pride<br /><br />we have done it before and we will do it again<br /><br />keeping the faith, happy new year

  1. Woody Reed

i like their kit but i bet they could us some sponsor money. at the bottom of the table now too....<br /><br />here\'s to you teagueybaggie!! ;-)

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