West Bromwich Albion will be getting firmly behind the World Cup Bid Team during Saturday's home clash with Newcastle - by adding 'England 2018' logos to the players' shirts.

The Baggies approached the Bid team to offer them the vacant space on the front of the players' shirts for this Hawthorns fixture (ko 5.30pm), which will be screened live on BBC1, back in July.

The proposal was immediately accepted and the Club are delighted to be playing their part in rallying support for England's hopes of staging the World Cup in nine years' time.

"We are delighted to be supporting the Bid campaign," said Albion Chairman Jeremy Peace.

"It would be a dream come true for every football fan in this country if we could earn the right to stage another World Cup and this is a great opportunity for us, as a club, to play our part in promoting such a great cause.


Albion's support for the Bid will go hand in hand with the full tribute planned at Saturday's game to honour the life and career of the last England manager to lead the country to a World Cup semi-final, Sir Bobby Robson.

"The Club very recently made a sizeable donation to the Foundation and we aim to raise further funds for Sir Bobby's charity by auctioning off all of the 18 shirts worn by our players on Saturday.


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  1. Guest

ORANGEMEN:mad: :mad:

  1. larkhall bear

and our survey said X

  1. Willie Henderson


  1. Jay

Yeah, I think larkhall bear has this one covered. What next? A flute hanging from the collar?

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

A true abomination.:dead: :dead: :dead:

  1. Guest

nice wan hutchy uve gt aw eh tims ragin=))

  1. Guest

Only if you personally want to get out there with a mop and bucket and clean up all the blood off of Argyle Street.

  1. Guest

hahaha nice shirt id buy it but honestly i dont think rangers would be that stupid to make a shirt that close to the orange order

  1. Dylan Keenan

i like the idea of using a melbourne victory template! :smilewinkgrin: <br />but no way orange!<br /><br />cfc all the way - green is the colour!

  1. Guest

That is an embarassment......no no no<br /><br />can we not get our Club away from this rubbish...YOU GIVE THE REST OF US A BAD NAME....<br /><br />TERRIBLE

  1. Guest

i love my rangers but i&#039;-) rathers ram a screwdriver down my japs eyes than have that top

  1. fsc

thankfully its only a one off

  1. fsc

You\'d think with the money available in the game these days they\'d be able to come up with a nicer logo..... Good to see West Brom backing the bid though.

  1. fsc

Sassenachs won\'t win the bid for the World Cup, no chance!

  1. fsc

What mince you talk.<br />Im Scottish and would love it if England got it. It would be great gor all of the UK.

  1. fsc

[quote=grahamteuchter]What mince you talk.<br />Im Scottish and would love it if England got it. It would be great gor all of the UK.[/quote]<br />Fud<br /><br />Sassenachs would want us TAXPAYERS dosh to pay for it all, even us and other two hame nations. It is no benefit to the rest of the UK if they won the bid, because we have our own team who would have to qualify.

  1. fsc

is that a bit like Scotland using English taxes to fund free prescriptions and pay for your fecking parliament, while you get to veto anything that would benefit England and exclude English people voting on anything to do with the other side of the border?<br /><br />A World Cup wouldn\'t even compare to that, and who knows if you actually qualify you can come and smash up Manchester or wherever again.

  1. fsc

Wouldnt it be better if a Premier League club had this logo, what would FIFA think if only a second division club is willing to give up shirt space for the World Cup bid, Im sure Man Utd would have enough money that they could sacrafice 90 minutes of advertising

  1. Chris

Love the idea and principle, but the logo is poor. I really like how the WBA shirts look without the sponsors but I assume there still after one, why has it took them so long to get one?

  1. Daniel Young

First of all, get off your soap boxes about the pros and cons of the World Cup bid.<br /><br />Second, the logo\'s fine. At least it\'s simple. I\'d rather have this sort of thing than that monstrosity they cooked up for the London 2012 Olympic logo.

  1. fsc

Good idea but could have been done much better. How about a more jazzy font like the one everybody associates with Mexico 70 or something similar.<br /><br />This logo looks like like it could be used for washing powder, cornflakes etc etc It\'\'s England and the World Cup for pete\'s sake. How much did the advertising gurus get paid for coming up with this !?

  1. fsc

Whats is the ****ing point in that. Do something usefull like put a charity on there but seriously, whoever thought that up is an idiot.

  1. fsc

Oh Roberto give it a rest it isnt that colder than Italy that you need a wolly hat ffs.

  1. fsc

you english prick ????? up the 3 lions **** u ****

  1. fsc

Why on a West Brom shirt? Whats the point?!! Surely it would be potentially hosted in Birmingham and not a crap small town like west brom?!!!

  1. fsc

I\'m in favour of England\'s World Cup bid and I want Nottingham to be a host city. <br /><br />But lets put things into perspective. I\'m not sure that Sepp Blatter and all the FIFA executives will hand the 2018 World Cup to England as a result of a small Championship Club in the West Midlands putting the name of a country and a year on its home shirt!<br /><br />Yes the game is on BBC and millions of people might see it but those people who watch this game are more than likely to be familiar with England\'s World Cup bid.<br /><br />Don\'t want to sound to bias as a Wolves fan but its a stupid idea! Why not put the logo of Bobby Robson\'s Cancer Charity instead? <br /><br />West Brom cannot do much to convince the FIFA bigwigs to hand the competition to England.<br /><br />Bring the World Cup to England!

  1. fsc

Portugal-Spain 2018 is the best bid!!

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