Nike CTR360 Maestri Football Boots

It’s been one of the most talked about boots of the year – the latest addition to the Nike football boot family. And now it’s here.

Nike has the Total 90 Laser II for power, the Superfly and Vapor V for speed and for touch, there’s the heritage classic that is the Tiempo. And today they reveal the fourth boot in their line up, the eagerly anticipated CTR360.

The elite level boot is the CTR360 Maestri for which Nike say they have pushed the technological boundaries to create a boot with greater control. Working with their stable of top internationals (and let’s face it, they’ve got a few to choose from) Nike have come up with a boot that will deliver from the last line of defence to the first point of attack.

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The CTR360 is available through the FSC Shop in two colourways – Red / Black / White and secondary version in White / Black / Yellow - or Design Your 360CTR with NIKEiD


As regards to what it can do for you on the pitch, the individual technical specifications have been incorporated to assist in three direct areas. They are:

Receiving the ball

Dampening pods on the outside of the forefoot provide a softer first touch when receiving the ball, whilst an asymmetrical lacing system greatly expands the ball control area.

The instep utilizes a harder material to provide extra pace on the pass - the forefront and the instep work together for a lighter more controlled take but quicker delivery, minimising time on the ball.

Controlling the ball

Nike has developed the revolutionary KANGA-LITE synthetic leather that mimics the supreme feel of kangaroo leather, while maintaining its performance in all conditions and allows for a snug fit.

When a player strikes the ball, a well planted foot is just as important as the striking boot. Nike has integrated dual-density forefoot studs that not only reduce the stud weight but help grip the ball better without compromising traction or stability.

The heel studs are built to be strong and stable to create a sure footing while controlling the ball with the other foot.

Distributing the ball

Shape correcting memory foam delivers uniform contact with the ball for greater precision. An injected pass-pad on the combines with the memory foam to deliver the ball at optimum pace.

In addition to receiving, controlling and distributing, in developing the boot, Nike not only looked at increasing control, but maximising comfort. Therefore, a sock liner with an additional comfort layer sits within the boot, reducing stress on the foot and minimising friction.

Speaking on the day of the launch, Nike spokesperson Leo Sandino-Taylor said:

The CTR360 is the first of its kind; it is a landmark boot from Nike. Built for incomparable control, the CTR360 can make the difference between a misguided pass and a clean precise assist. It is for the playmaker that can take the ball, read the field and make the play when others couldn’t.

More CTR360 news at Footy-boots

Price: £120

Colouway: Red / White / Black

Secondary colourway: White / Black / Yellow

Retail sale: 1st October

Nike id : Design your 360CTR at NIKEiD here

Available : Here












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exelent kit ( not the sponsor) but the designmaybe less red 9 !!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice boots!
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y durex u hiv a crackin kit design then u ruin it:-))
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