Nike Ronaldinho DOIS - Behind the Scenes


The Ronaldinho DOIS (named DOIS as this is the second football boot in the range and DOIS means ‘two’ in Ronaldinho’s mother tongue, Portuguese), follows its predecessor the Tiempo Ronaldinho football boot, as the unique offering styled and assisted in design by Ronaldinho himself. 

The Brazilian legend with the toothy grin and phenomenal football skills, is the only footballer in the Nike stable to have his very own collection and football boot, the 10R collection.

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See how the designers of Nike were inspired to create the new Ronaldinho Dois Football Boots.

Bigger pictures Here and Here

You can buy the Nike Ronaldinho DOIS football boots in the FSC Shop


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 · 15 years ago
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Does any one know a sop in the middlesex area where i can buy these boots !
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