Adidas Fussballliebe UEFA EURO 2024 Match Ball

Adidas Fussballliebe UEFA EURO 2024 Match Ball

Adidas has unveiled the FUSSBALLLIEBE Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 2024TM, introducing Connected Ball Technology to the UEFA European Football ChampionshipTM for the first time. FUSSBALLLIEBE, translating to 'love of football', is a technological marvel designed to enhance accuracy and consistency in play.

Engineered with precision in mind, FUSSBALLLIEBE features a PRECISIONSHELL 20-piece panel shape and deboss grooves on its outer shell. This innovative design, thoroughly tested in labs and on the pitch, optimizes airflow over the ball, thereby ensuring maximum precision during play. The ball's performance is further boosted by the innovative CTR-CORE inside the ball, which aids in fast and precise play while maintaining perfect shape and air retention.

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The ball's design is a visual representation of the game's dynamism and energy. Black wing shapes with colourful edges, curves, and dots mirror the ball's movement and the excitement of football. The vibrant colours - red, blue, green, and orange - not only celebrate the diversity of competing nations but also the simple joy of football that resonates with fans globally. Adding to its unique aesthetics, the ball features illustrations of each tournament stadium and the names of the host cities.

A groundbreaking feature of FUSSBALLLIEBE is the adidas Connected Ball Technology, making its debut at the UEFA European Football ChampionshipTM. This technology provides real-time precise ball data to video match officials, enhancing the accuracy of in-match decisions. The integration of this technology with AI aids UEFA’s semi-automated offside technology, playing a crucial role in speeding up decision-making processes during matches.

Developed in partnership with Kinexon, this technology also supports VAR officials by identifying each individual touch of the ball. This capability is particularly beneficial in quickly resolving handball and penalty incidents, reducing the time taken to make critical match decisions.

In essence, the FUSSBALLLIEBE Official Match Ball is a fusion of advanced technology and artistic design, reflecting the spirit and excitement of UEFA EURO 2024TM. Its introduction marks a significant leap in football technology, aiming to enhance the accuracy of play and decision-making, while celebrating the universal love for the beautiful game.

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