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The first Designfootball.com Member kit design competition organized by Curswine is now opened. The winner gets to pick a shirt up to 50 GBP from our friends over at www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk

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The team in question this time around is Sevilla FC, a Spanish football club from the Andalusian region. They are in more recent times one of the more successful clubs in Spain, claiming a Copa del Rey in 2007, winning back to back UEFA cup titles in 2006 and 2007 and topping this off with good league finishes and champions league football. More history can be found here.

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Sevilla usually play in white shirts, white shorts and. black socks for their home games and this is what I pretty much expect for the competition although designers have free reign over what they publish as entries.

Below are the most recently released Sevilla 09/10 uniforms, and have come under some criticism from users of many football shirt websites as being "cheap" looking and "tacky" just to pick out a few words used in describing them.


 Over at Colours of Football (HERE) you can find a more recent history of Sevilla's kits, my personal favourite being the 2006-07 range. As you can see they have worn white socks in the past so this is the where you artistic license can come in to add your own perspective to what is required and if you think adding stripes/quaters/polka dots would be good then be my guest.

The following is what I will be looking for from the winner:

Identity - it is no good creating a green and pink shirt for the competition if it doesn't recognize itself towards Sevilla as a club

Explanation - optional, but it will help me to understand why you have made certain part of your design the way you have, or used specific colours.

Uniqueness - You need something to stand out from the crowd and wow me. Something that may make my brain explode from having not thought about the idea previously, ok slight exaggeration but try and create something unique.

Presentation - This is quite important for me, if you present your work with a FM template you have less chance of winning than someone who has took their own to time create something unique with a template of their own. I just see this as caring a bit more about your work. Hand drawn kits are very much welcomed for these reasons.

The following are the rules of the competition:

  • I will be judging the first competition and then the winner will judge the next etc.
  • The judge isn't able to compete in the competition since they are judging.
  • The winner of this competition will be able to decide the next team to be designed, or they can put it to a vote like I am doing.
  • Time scale is two weeks.
  • People who plagiarise others work will be disqualified and fired from a trebuchet.
  • Home kits only will be judged, but feel free to make an away kit if you feel like it.
  • Kits can be designed on computer or by hand whatever the designer prefers.
  • Any kit manufacturer or sponsor logos may be used.
  • The winner gets to pick a shirt up to 50 GBP from www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk
  • All Sevilla designs must be uploaded here.
  • The competition ends June 18 at 24:00

I wish you all the very best, more details will be provided here


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    fsc · 15 years ago
    That\'s pretty bad. Looks very cheap.

    Good idea, bad materials. It looks shiney. Not have as good as any of Joma\'s kits last year (e.g Cardiff)
  • This commment is unpublished.
    · 15 years ago
    Good luck everyone!!! :cheer:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    macgtdesign · 15 years ago
    will be, exactly this one
  • This commment is unpublished.
    manu4lyf · 15 years ago
    horrible kit i do hope that is the kit next year
  • This commment is unpublished.
    macgtdesign · 15 years ago
    What a envy!