KRC Genk signed a new kit deal with Nike and together they launched a totally new project for the duration of 5 years. It is a collaboration that will focus on sporting as well as on social development.

Agreement Duration: 2009 - 2014

-Clothing Sponsor for A-team and youth

-Cooperation in various fields

-NIKE Premier Cup - European final in KRC Genk on May 24, 2009

-KRC Genk doing tremendous efforts to integrate disadvantaged groups into the labor market. Nike wants help with this to offer sustainable employment through existing channels.

-The Homeless World Cup, a flagship project of Nike, also launched this year in Belgium. Both parties will support this action under the motto "talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championship"

-Sensitization treatment + possible forum for innovative ideas Nike (test environment)

-Get more KRC - blue in the streets

-A variety in merchandising

-Merchandising accessible again to the fan (literally and figuratively)

-Opening of a new total fanshop with a total Nike/Genk range


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  1. fsc

[url][/url] A totally new project ...hmm ! Does that mean a totally new kit design as well. I look forward to seeing it ...Genk what a great name . To GENK ( make strange noises whilst you believe that you are alone in the room ) look it up in the dictionary :lol:

  1. fsc

I thought GENK was an illness. I can\'t come to work today I have been suffering from GENK :P

  1. August

i don´t like it:no:

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

thats the point! A horrid shirt suits the franchise much better than an inoffensive piece of nike teamwear.

  1. Guest

As an AFC Wimbledon fan, can I say that all your Franchise FC designs have been brilliant !

  1. Guest

Pity the flames aren&#039;t real.....<br /><br />How does that song go &quot;we don&#039;t need no roof (nor a completed stadium) let the muddaf**ker burn!!!

  1. Che

Why do you use this weird flame template so often!? :no:

  1. Guest

: <br />Looks Perfect! :-)

  1. Guest

looks like my japan kit made with owayo

  1. You \'atters

Splendid !!!

  1. You \'atters

Splendid !!!

  1. fsc

forza racing genk

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