Cádiz CF, A Special Edition Shirt in Honour of the Spanish Navy

Introducing the Macron-designed Cádiz CF 2024 Special Edition shirt, a tribute to the Spanish Navy's historical connection with Cádiz, an Andalusian city celebrated for its significant port on the Iberian peninsula.

View the: Cádiz CF 2024 Special Edition Shirt

The shirt, featuring dual shades of blue and sea wave patterns, will debut at the Nuevo Mirandilla Stadium during the match against Celta Vigo.

The design honours the deep-rooted relationship between Cádiz and the Spanish Navy, a bond stretching back over 500 years to the epoch of Magellan's departure from Seville and Juan Sebastián Elcano's historic circumnavigation. This maritime heritage is vividly captured in the shirt's aesthetic.

Adorned with a striking graphic that mimics the ocean's depths and wave movement through white, light, and dark blue brush strokes, the shirt embodies the essence of naval exploration. The Macron Hero logo is stitched in blue on the right chest, opposite a patch of the Andalusian club’s crest on the left. The shirt also features a unique dye-sub print of an anchor and a wind rose against a blue backdrop on the bottom left, symbolising key maritime icons. At the back, just below the collar, a tribute to the renowned sailing ship ‘Juan Sebastián de Elcano’ is printed alongside an illustration of the vessel, celebrating its legendary voyages.