Forward Madison 2023 Mingoverse Alternate Kit Video

Forward Madison FC has launched their 2023 Mingoverse Alternate Kit, a unique and eye-catching jersey.

The fully reversible kit incorporates a 3-D design that comes to life when worn with 3-D glasses. On one side of the Mingoverse Alternate Kit, a black base serves as the canvas for various iconic images representing the Club and the state of Wisconsin, such as a cow, flamingo, beer stein, and milk jug. The design is enhanced with blue and red outlines, creating a mesmerising 3-D effect that can be enjoyed with or without 3-D glasses.

Flipping the kit inside out reveals a striking red and blue pattern. This side showcases an M.C. Escher-inspired design featuring flying flamingos. The intricate artwork adds another dimension of visual appeal to the kit.

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